I photograph nudes and semi-nudes in fresh water lakes and ponds in Maine.

It is a collaboration between myself and my models, many of whom are fellow modern dancers. Without the use of snorkels, fins or oxygen tanks, photographing underwater becomes new choreography, a new dance, every time we hold our breath and go below the surface. We bob up and down getting air when needed. Sometimes we are in sync for air. Other times I click the shutter while the model/dancer is going up or down. What is so unique about having an underwater photo studio is that we are in a space of anti-gravity. It is the ultimate for a dancer who always is looking to sustain a leap, a jump, a kick.

After 4 years of photographing underwater and choreographing, a new dance piece, The Water Dance was performed in 2004 at the Portland Performing Arts Center, in Portland, Maine to rave reviews.